No doubt , cancer patients often give up. Malignant disease as ruthlessly destroyed the body of the victim. Do not wait long , cancer patients are victims of ferocity.

Something similar occurs in pancreatic cancer , a citizen of the world experienced relatively rare . However, two personalities to give up because of this disease. They are Steve Jobs, Apple owners devices technology, and a leading forensic expert Dr. Idris Moneim SpKF Indonesia.

Steve Jobs has survived for more than two years since a liver transplant as the final stage of processing. While Moneim lasted less than three days after the operation, and died on 27.10.2013 .

According to the RS Dharmais oncologist , Dr. Ronald Hukom SPPD K- HOM , pancreatic cancer is very clever.

" The chance to live five years with pancreatic cancer is less than 20 percent , although back to step 1. This is due to the ferocity of the cancer cells that grow in the region"

Malignancy of pancreatic cancer support places that are difficult to reach organs. Ronald explained , the digestive system of the pancreas is to the rear of the lower portion of the shell. This hidden place which makes it difficult to remove the pancreatic cancer cells , unlike breast cancer or colon . This condition also causes pancreatic cancer is relatively easy to relapse .

Location Hide pancreas also causes relatively slow symptoms. Usually , people start to feel uncomfortable when the abdominal pain that spreads to the back or skin looks yellow (jaundice) . Although two of these symptoms indicate cancer entered an advanced stage .

The yellow is a sign of successful in blocking the channel in liver cancer cells. Therefore bilirubin , a breakdown product of red blood cells that are old , could not go into his heart . This condition causes suffering skin is yellowish in some places .

Fiercely attack causes treatment options for pancreatic cancer are many available . Ronald explained , patients with pancreatic cancer are surgery and chemotherapy to improve their quality of life.

"Chemotherapy is taken to enhance the effect of the operation is executed. For patients taking chemotherapy drugs types generally gemsitabin . But they also do not give much opportunity for people to live an average of only two years , "said Ronald .

Malignancy of pancreatic cancer does not seem to many roads . In the absence of treatment available , the main step is to prevent the development of cancer . Ronald advised not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and maintaining the balance of nutrients as a primary prevention measure .

Cigarettes, said Ronald , have become the leading causes of cancer of the pancreas. This is almost equal to all types of cancer. All kinds of toxins in cigarettes would be carried in the blood. Toxin is then triggered the growth of abnormal cells in the pancreas , which initiated the cancer.

The next preventive measure is to maintain body weight , with the balance of nutrients . This is while maintaining the production of insulin in the pancreas that results. When sugar levels are too high , insulin must be produced.

The increased production of insulin causes an imbalance in pancreatic cells. The condition is triggered when the cancer growth. If it continues then insulin can not convert sugar into energy, and it arrived diabetes.

"That's why the biggest factor for diabetes in pancreatic cancer risk , in addition to patients with liver . Whenever possible , do not smoke and balance nutrition. Both became important card prevention of pancreatic cancer , "said Ronald .

Related to the possibility of moving in families, Ronald has not ruled out this possibility. But the chances are very low at less than 10 percent. This is because the genes have not found the exact cause of pancreatic cancer , such as breast cancer.

" Pancreatic cancer is the biggest opportunity is in smokers. Throughout avoiding tobacco , cancer can be prevented. The same applies to women and men ," said Ronald .


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